The CV App

Step in to my office, and allow me to share with you a story. A story about small app, who’s about to get a whole lot bigger.

JIDOKA already developed a custom CV application in the past, which is now only accessible from behind a VPN. While this served its purpose, the design had become a bit dated and was not at all in line with the current house style. It also left the user wanting for some much needed features. More on this later.

What is the CV App?

But what is the CV App actually? Well it’s a tool that allows management and employees alike to create and maintain professional looking resumés. These CV’s make it easier to select the right people for the job and also serve as a selling aid when trying to land a new project. The app also allows for CV’s to be exported as PDF and easily imported plain text format.

My predecessor already did some fine work in creating new designs for the frontend and has already made a good start in implementing those designs into the new frontend. I’ve been tasked with furthering those efforts and finish rebuilding the new frontend.

Most noteworthy revisions

The most noteworthy revisions are:

  • Change from a multilingual to monolingual design.
  • More robust authentication scheme: role based, with custom privileges for freelancers.
  • Easy inline editing of your own CV.
  • Change the design to match the current house style and the look & feel of the other JIDOKA apps.
  • Manage skills & skill types in the database to ensure uniform naming.

The list goes on but it would take us too far to list every little thing here.

The technology behind it

At this point you might be wondering what technology is behind all this. Well, the frontend is an Angular 7 application, driven by an Java Spring backend.

To be honest, I wasn’t that well versed in any of those languages, only being schooled as a .NET developer. But once you start looking past the code, the design principles are all roughly the same.
It all boils down implementation and flavoring.

So I’m learning on the job so to speak, both by experimenting and with the guidance of my mentor Koen. His Koen Fu… uhm… Kung Fu is strong!  
And every chance I get I’m reading up on TypeScript & JavaScript, Unit Testing with Jest, HTTP interceptors, Unit Testing with Jest,  Observables, error handling and oh did I mention Unit Testing with Jest?

Let's get to it!

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us. It might be simple compared to what my colleagues are working on at the moment, but it’s the most fun I had in ages.

It is time to bring the CV app into the now!

Thanks for reading and remember:
Don’t overfeed the fish.

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